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Ekol Makes Further Big Steps In Development

In the next few months Ekol is planning to develop not only fast but in a lot of areas. The company will enter other countries in the region. At the same time Ekol in Europe will open more branches in countries where the company exist now, improve infrastructure, and implement new services to its portfolio.

“In the foreseeable future Ekol will open companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Iran” – said Wojciech Brzuska, General Manager Ekol Europe and Executive Board Member.

In the next few months the company will open more branches in order to build a wider network; we expect more offices in the territory of Spain, Poland, Romania soon.

At the same time the company is planning to implement new services. “Ekol in Turkey has extensive know-how of sea and air transport so the plan is to develop these services in Europe as well. We want to be even stronger in intermodal solution in Europe that we are now” – said Demir Temurboğa, General Manager – Sales & CRM.

Ekol is developing its infrastructure as well. In Hungary, the company has just moved to new warehouse. Thanks to this, Ekol in Hungary can improve intermodal solutions that the company offers as this building has the possibility to organize transport via road, rail and river.

In the middle of October Ekol won two European awards, one in the category “Best 3PL for Automotive” and the second one is in the category “Best 3PL for Consumer Goods Supply Chains“. The contest was organized by Eye for Transport, the company which is the global leader in business intelligence and C-level networking for the transport, logistics and supply chain industry. Ekol offers logistics services for various product groups, for example: automotive, textile, FMCG, health, industry, so these awards highlight the company’s know-how in servicing these sectors.

“The fact that the company received these awards in Europe is a proof that the development of Ekol goes in the right direction. Currently the company has one of the widest European logistics networks supported by the largest exclusively owned fleet.” – said Wojciech Brzuska. Development is visible in the turnover as well. The increase of it is about 25 percent every year. The turnover in 2014 was 404M Euro and the plan for 2015 is 500M Euro.