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Creative Solutions for Hospital Logistics

In order to support the determination of problems and areas for improvement in all logistical processes from the order of medicines, medical and non-medical products procured by hospitals, to the invoicing of the patient, and the redirection of the resources to be allocated by hospitals for logistics problems to patient satisfaction, and to ensure a sustainable cost advantage, Ekol directs its logistics experience to providing solutions for hospitals.

In particular, the central warehouses established at hospital chains help consolidation of procurement and minimization of inventory costs. The hospitals which are relieved of the need to stock the same product in many branches. Once the branch inventories monitored real-time at a central warehouse fall below a certain level, product transfers are made to ensure that the stocks are at all times at optimal levels.

In the field of Hospital Logistics;

  • Central Warehousing and Inventory Monitoring,
  • Product Collection from Suppliers,
  • Monitoring of Minimum Stock Levels,
  • Distribution to Hospitals and the Management of Inter-Hospital Transfers,
  • Management of Hospital Stocks,
  • Management of Intra-Hospital Product Flow,
  • Preparation for Operation-Specific Packages, and Delivery of the Packages to the Hospital before the Operation,
  • Management of Return Processes,

are the services provided.

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