Logistics Services Specific for Electronics Industry

Integrated Electronics Industry Logistics Services

Ekol develops industry-specific integrated logistics services for electronics products, support accessories, telecommunication, office machines, and consumables. The company offers bonded warehousing, customs clearance, spare parts storage, finished goods storage, distribution, reverse logistics, promotion kit preparation, packaging, and inventory management.

Ekol collaborates with leading electronics industry companies, and constantly develops and improves its service quality in line with advancing technology according to the requirements of current and potential customers.

Find Out About Ekol’s Outstanding Service Quality in the Electronics Industry

Ekol distinguishes itself for customers mainly with its safety standards – an essential requirement in the electronics industry, as well as hygienic conditions in production and storage areas, special dust-free storage areas, temperature and humidity scanning, vertical storage automation systems, periodic partial deliveries, motorcycle courier for emergency exits, reverse logistics, Proof of Delivery (POD), Information of Delivery (IOD), operational quality, speed, simple processes, and software infrastructure.

Electronics Logistics

Electronics Industry-specific Value-Added Services

Ekol develops special value-added services by taking into consideration the requirements of customers in the electronics industry so as to render services such as adding a user manual and warranty to products, tracking serial numbers, IMEI tracking for GSM products, system setup, implementing simple setup procedure, labeling and barcoding, sticking security hologram, and conducting banderole and RMA operations.

In RMA operations, products are replaced free-of-charge within the scope of warranty, damaged products are inspected with different equipment to determine the cause of damage, and the products which cannot be repaired are returned and a brand new product is requested.