With the new Modena Office
Ekol is faster, stronger and more flexible in Italy too

Ekol is the best choice for
Turkey – Europe – Turkey line roadfreight operations!

Now we are more Scandinavian.
All Northern Europe Countries including Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland with Ekol & STS Cooperation

Ekol is now at Romania!
We are transporting from Turkey to any location in Romania with favorable costs.

With the network of 700 locations on 186 countries,
There is Ekol at any point on earth.

Transportations For Exceptional Turkey – Hungary / Czech Republic Lines

Bi-directional block train trips everyday in weekdays betwen Istanbul and Europe with 6-7 days of transit durations.

Airway Shipments from Far East to Istanbul
With Direct Service and Competative Rate Advantage

Reasonable Pricing and Direct Service Advantages on
Istanbul – Newyork – Istanbul Air and Maritime Freight Transportations

Ekol quality in liquid transporation of all hazardous/non-hazardous liquid, food and chemicals with ITCO membership.

Israel -> Turkey -> Israel Shipments
By Ekol & Shay Cooperation For The Best Prices

Airway Shipments From London to İstanbul
With EKOL Quality and Experience

With cooperation of Ekol & Eurobooking, The Best Service and Pricing
on Sea and Air Freight Between Morocco and Istanbul.