Ekol identifiziert die Probleme, Erwartungen und logistischen Anforderungen der Kunden und bietet maßgeschneiderte Lösungen, um den Wert ihres Unternehmens zu steigern. Um den Kunden kosteneffiziente und qualitativ hochwertige Lösungen zu bieten, überwacht Ekol die Entwicklungen in der Lagertechnik und implementiert modernste Automatisierungslösungen für bestehende Prozesse. Dies gewährleistet einen flexibleren und kostengünstigeren Ansatz bei Nachfrageschwankungen sowie die größere Effizienz kleinerer Mitarbeiter.

Durch erfolgreiche Lagerverwaltungsanwendungen hilft Ekol, niedrigere Produktkosten zu erzielen

Depo Yönetimi

Warehouse Management Based on End-User Costs

Warehouse management is one of the biggest fields within logistics activities. Successfully managing this field, feeding point of sale on schedule, and keeping inventory and order preparation accuracy rates high is crucial for reducing logistics costs, and hence product cost.

Ekol reduces resource utilization by redesigning processes. It increases the number of managed variables through IT infrastructure and considers human resources as a qualified resource which controls and improves automation systems. Ekol does not minimize all resource consumption within warehouse management. Instead, it utilizes control systems which offer efficiency in the collection of inventory, order, and distribution data – thus, minimizing related losses due to lost sales. In this respect, Ekol demonstrates a top-tier approach based on end-user satisfaction cost.

Depo Yönetimi

Efficient Project Management Through Experience

Ekol considers project management to be its basic activity. Therefore, it plans and executes each exclusive solution as a unique project. The scope, aim, target, success criteria, and responsibilities of the project are carefully planned down to the last detail. Sources are managed in a cost- and time- effective manner in order to reach given targets.

Ekol has an in-house Business Development Team with industry-specific project management experiences Team members are stationed on-site to monitor operations closely with an eye toward continuous improvement. They ensure the smooth and timely implementation of processes designed to increase efficiency and quality of operations.

Performance management allows control over processes, while a dedicated team supervises the project on behalf of the customer and identifies potential risks and opportunities. The project team promotes continuous improvement, increasing process, efficiency, and quality.

Operation Management and Organization

Ekol’s on-site organizational structure has two main components. The first is the operation group, which includes planners, managers, and executors of the operation. The second is the support units, which include experts who provide indirect support to the operation.

Depo Yönetimi