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Continuing With 3M

Ekol yields the results of continuing its operations by increasing the service quality each day. With the new warehouse-distribution and export transportation-bonded warehouse agreement concluded with 3M, which Ekol provides service since 1999, Ekol moves the logistics business partnership with 3M to the future.

Each of Littman, Vikiuti, Command, Nexcare, Post-it, Scotch, Scotch-Brite, Scotchguard and Thinsulate brands of 3M, a technology company with a wide product range offering service to the society and its customers with innovative products and services, are the worldwide leaders in their markets. In accordance with the last agreement concluded with 3M, Ekol’s one of the most important logistics business partners, in addition to the significant part of export transportations, Ekol will carry out all import transportations, including the Spain line which Ekol has carried out the transportation operations during the previous years. The flexible and innovative solutions brought by Ekol to FCL and LCL segments and the different approach of Ekol in customer services play a significant role in the conclusion of this agreement. The volume of 3M during the first quarter of 2010 is two times higher than 2 years ago and this increases the value of this agreement for Ekol.

The flexibility, continuous business development studies, continuous pursuit of efficiency and boutique solutions provided to the customers by Ekol in warehouse and distribution management has been and will be the key in Ekol’s cooperation with 3M.