Natural resources are being depleted, living habitats are becoming scarce, and people are harming nature more and more every day. Ekol’s first priorities involve achieving sustainable growth by developing environmentally friendly business processes and projects. As such, the company supports nongovernmental organizations that work to protect wildlife. It pursues business models with an environmental focus and raises awareness among its employees with the conviction that companies must do their part to leave a more liveable world for future generations.


Every day, Ekol provides services in all corners of the globe, aspiring to use natural resources optimally and creating a more sustainable business model, while employing the Intermodal transportation model it introduced in 2008. By doing so, the company saves 365.000 trees each month.

In a single Intermodal trip, Ekol achieves the following savings without having to cover a 2.429-km long road;

  • 823 liters of fuel
  • 2221 kg of CO2
  • 5.8 kg of NOx
  • 0.08 kg of Particulate Matter (PM)

WWF Green Office Program

Ekol Logistics is pleased to be the first ever logistics company in Turkey to get involved in the WWF Green Office Program. As part of the program, it formulates and implements improvements in savings in the areas of Waste Management and Electricity and Paper Usage. The work is focused on increasing awareness among personnel.

Indeed, the Green Office Program entails awareness training for employees at Ekol facilities. Training sessions cover such topics as “WWF, Green Office, system/ecosystem, ecological footprint, water footprint, and climate change.”

In 2014, Ekol succeeded in becoming Turkey’s first logistics company to obtain the Green Office Certificate, following a final assessment by the WWF.

WWF Yeşil Ofis Programı

Waste Management

Ekol perceives and recognizes that improperly disposed waste remains in the wild for countless years – continuing to harm the environment in the process. Accordingly, Ekol Logistics took the initiative in Waste Management as part of the WWF Green Office Program with the goal of properly disposing of all types of waste created during its processes. Ekol Logistics aims to reduce the amount of trash by collecting waste separately and decreasing the utilization of raw materials, energy, and other natural resources through proper sorting. Sorted waste can be disposed of or recycled properly by licensed companies contracted by Ekol.

Collecting Food Waste: We aspire to feed our animal friends by taking food waste from the cafeterias to nearby animal shelters.

Sorting Food Waste: We aim to support recycling by sorting the recyclable waste from the cafeterias.

Scrap Waste Recycling Campaign

We sorted scrap waste created in the facilities in 2011 and gave them to advanced recycling companies. We supported the adoption campaign of the World Wildlife Fund Turkey (WWF Turkey) with the revenues generated from this operation.

Paper Consumption

Ekol also initiated a paper saving and recycling project to protect forests, the lungs of the Earth, under the headings it identified as part of the WWF Green Office Program.

Ekol has developed solutions to decrease paper consumption by determining the amount of paper usage per department. Each ton of recycled paper prevents the cutting down of 17 trees, which provide for the oxygen requirements of 144 people. By using recycled paper, Ekol also brings about huge savings in water and energy use in paper production.

Electricity Consumption

Ekol knows that even a single person can make a great difference in electricity consumption by being careful. As such, it is working to create a mass movement and take a step up from individual efforts by providing employee training. The company is also building a roadmap of improvements based on the measurement results obtained by using different measuring tools for each office.

In our country, 20 percent of electricity is consumed for lighting purposes. A 20-percent move to energy-efficient lighting systems provides savings equal to the electricity produced by the Keban Hydroelectric Power Plant in one year. Thus, Ekol uses energy-efficient lamps in its facilities.

Launched in 2011, the Virtual Server Project achieves 20 percent savings in our electricity consumption each year.

Elektrik Tüketimi

WWF – Earth Hour Campaign

Ekol Logistics is the ambassador for the Earth Hour Campaign by the WWF, one of the world’s most prominent environmental proponents. Accordingly, it supports the Earth Hour Campaign to bring attention to global climate change.

Ekol Memorial Forests

Ekol Logistics concluded the years 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 with significant social responsibility projects in line with its green logistics operations. The company believes that a new forest in Turkey is the best New Year’s gift. Accordingly, it entered into a collaboration with the TEMA Foundation between 2012 and 2015. As part of the collaboration, it sent its business partners recycling certificates for memorial forest projects, comprising 5,000 saplings in Urla, Izmir in 2012, in Salihli, Manisa in 2013, in Urla, Kadıovacık, Izmir in 2014, and in Tefenni Beyköy, Burdur in 2015.

Ekol Supports the TEMA Nature Training Program

Having made donations to TEMA for the preservation of forests on behalf of our clients, Ekol also contributed to TEMA Nature Education Program in 2016.

Donations were raised to support children’s natural science education during a special NTV show broadcast live by the Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats (TEMA) to celebrate its 25th anniversary. As a part of this special live broadcast, Ekol pledged to meet the education expenses of 2,500 children.

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