Human Resources

Ekol considers finding smart solutions for its customers a fundamental responsibility. It maintains that a qualified and content workforce is essential to the sustainable and effective use of resources in the service industry.

With more than 7500 multinational employees, Ekol is one of the companies of choice in the industry. Ekol boosts performance and employee satisfaction in human resources processes and implements superlative practices in the field by creating environments that nurture employee productivity.

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In Ekol, we’re 1 in success and life. All of us devote ourselves to our work, we work with the strength of being 1 and take Ekol to the future with the responsibility of being number 1. For us, being a part of Ekol is being a leader, making a difference and leaving our mark. But more precisely, it is being a big family, bound up together with strong values. We are aware of the certain fact that everyone will either be a part of Ekol or work for Ekol one day and be 1 member of this big family.”

Values That Make Us Who We Are

Our Customers are Our Number 1 Priority

For us, the priority is clear: Our customers. We focus on understanding our customers and offering the right solutions for their requirements. Customers are our patrons – the reason why we set out on this journey, and our driving force.

We Make a Difference with Our Ambition and Passion

We pursue not only numbers, but also making a difference. For us, obstacles are to be overcome, not stumbled over. In our minds, beyond good, there is excellence. That is why we are passionately committed to our business, working hard and waking up each and every day intent on doing better.

We Add Value, and Make a Mark

As we grow our business, we add value to our partners on the road to success, to each person to whose life we touch, and to our environment and society. Each one of us is aware that we are the links in an unbreakable chain. We make our mark on the values we add while working and living.

We Bolster Our Strength with the Trust We Create

The confidence we place in ourselves, our customers, and our colleagues paves the way for us in achieving great success. Trust is the glue that bonds us to each other; we take root with its strength and move forward towards the future.

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