Career at Ekol

The Ekol Human Resources Department strives to recruit the most superlative talents who can think creatively and out-of-the-box to contribute to the company’s future, while attuning themselves to Ekol’s corporate culture, values, and respective roles and positions.

Recruitment Process

Applicants are reviewed based on their competencies. Depending on the position, they are asked to be administered a personality inventory, foreign language, or general proficiency tests. Applicants, who are approved following these assessments, are invited for a second interview with the department manager.

The company’s database makes a record of all applications submitted to Ekol Logistics.

Join the Ekol Family

All applications to join the Ekol Family are received via the application page.

Ekol'de Kariyer

Evaluation Process

The Recruitment Team extends a job offer to candidates who are approved subsequent to evaluations and interviews.

Performance and Career Management

Ekol Logistics seeks to enable continuous performance improvement for both the organization and its personnel. Ekol employees are able to alter their career paths with the “Talent Development” and “Leadership Development” programs, and they are able to work in any country in which Ekol operates. Such positions are initially communicated internally within the organization.

Career Management

Career paths are determined by taking into consideration the results of the performance evaluation system and training requirements, as well as training results and how they correspond to the position. Employees who achieve high scores in these criteria get set on the road to becoming future Ekol leaders within the talent development program.

Training and Development

Ekol Logistics believes that a training and development process that nurtures constant learning, experience, and progress for employees is essential to the organizational growth and improvement. The necessary roadmap is planned by combining the organization’s business areas, and priorities with employee requirements in training activities.

All employees are provided with a range of opportunities and possible changes for growth.