Ro-Ro ships transfer Ekol trailers and containers from the Port of Alsancak to the Port of Sète. They are, next, forwarded to the terminal in Paris using unit train services, and then onward to Spain, Portugal, and other Western European countries with road transportation.

Ekol operates intermodal shipping routes from Sète and Paris to Le Boulou, Bettembourg, and Calais. Transportation networks have been expanded through mutual agreements with railway service providers.

These connections represent the initial step in our north-south rail transportation corridor and are suitable for French mega-trailers. With the Sète to Paris segment, we intend to strengthen North Africa’s connection with the Paris region while also establishing a European link with Turkey.

Thanks to significant green logistics investments, Ekol France has reduced its monthly carbon dioxide emissions by 180 tons, which is equal to a forest area the size of 20 football fields.

Dedicated Block Train RO-RO Public Train
France Intermodal Map