Ekol’s six Ro-Ro ships make nine weekly round trips between the ports of Yalova, Alsancak, Lavrio, Trieste, and Sète.

Ro-Ro ships make two round trips per week between Yalova and Lavrio, and Trieste and Lavrio.The Port of Lavrio acts as a link between Turkey and Italy.Ro-Ro ships transfer Ekol trailers and containers from Yalova, Alsancak, and Lavrio to Trieste. Items are forwarded, utilizing unit train services, from Trieste to Cologne, Ludwigshafen, and Kiel in Germany, as well as Ostrava in Czechia.Transportation between Greece and Europe makes use of unit train services managed with an efficient and eco-friendly approach.

Two new Ro-Ro services are planned to facilitate direct connections between the Port of Alsancak and the ports of Lavrio and Bari, and the Port of Lavrio with the ports of Alsancak and Sète.Transportation from the ports to locations in other European countries utilize railways and roads – thanks to the availability of intermodal options. Ekol’s intermodal transportation solutions form an essential component of its commitment to green logistics.

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