Industry-Specific Solutions

Ekol Poland continues to grow rapidly by offering creative solutions particularly tailored to the automotive, industry, textile, outdoor, sport/fitness, home and decoration industries.

In our warehouse we offer the following services:
storage of goods, handling , VAS (for example stickering, adding documents to parcels, relabeling, repacking, adding price tag labels), e-commerce.
Ekol Poland offers also distrubustion to/from UE or Turkey. Ekol Poland also organizes reverse logistics. Company has also bonded warehouse.

The warehouse in Sosnowiec holds a capacity of more than 2,000 square meters and is capable of managing a wide range of goods, including ADR. The facility, which supports cross-docking, primarily caters to international groupage transportation.

It is worth to stress we use flow-racks in our warehouse. We can also implement solutions dedicated for a specific sector for example for fashion we have implemented sequence packing. The warehouse we run is characterized by a high rotation of goods and a large variable stock size.

The Poznań warehouses, with a capacity of nearly 40,000 square meters, is situated close to the vicinity of the delivery center in Koninko and Żerniki. This center is within close reach of the A2 highway bordering both the east and the west, as well as a railway terminal offering intermodal solutions.

Ekol Poland - Warehousing