After Ekol identifies the difficulties, expectations, and logistics requirements of its customers, it creates tailor-made solutions to add value to their businesses. To offer customers cost-efficient, high quality solutions, Ekol monitors developments in warehousing technologies and implements state-of-the-art automation solutions within existing processes.

Ekol Turkey constantly improves the quality of its services, endeavoring to offer rapid and effective bonded warehouse solutions, delivery centers, robust production logistics, modern and low-cost cross-docking operations, extensive return management applications, and value-added services, in accordance with the expectations and requirements of customers from a variety of diverse industries.


Bonded Warehouses

Dağıtım Merkezi

Distribution Centers


Robust Production



Katma Değerli Hizmetler

Value Added Services

İade Yönetimi

Return Management

Bonded Warehouse Services

Ekol Turkey offers two main services at the warehouses it operates in a number of locations. These services include warehousing during the customs clearance process and the preparation and shipment of orders for the transit trade on request.

Distribution Centers

Customers from various industries are served under a single umbrella at shared warehouses. Ekol Distribution Centers offer order management, inventory management, and vendor management services.

Robust Production Logistics Solutions

Ekol Turkey offers on-site production logistics services, including tending and storing raw material in conformity with its production line, tending and storing consumables and packaging materials, selecting end products from production lines for delivery to a delivery center, and managing the flow of materials between various units of a facility.

Cross-Docking Services

Conventional logistics methods call for exclusive shipment planning for each outlet for every supplier. In modern cross-docking operations, however, all suppliers bring their products together in a central location. Goods are sorted for delivery with the lowest transportation cost possible. Thanks to Ekol Turkey’s swift cross-docking services, products can be sorted to ensure the most rapid delivery time, thereby minimizing carrying costs.

Value-Added Services (VAS)

Ekol Turkey offers on-demand value-added services such as labeling, 2D barcoding, instruction manual attachment, price tag printing, assortment formation, hanging, safety band attachment, preparation of promotional packages, and attachment of warranties.

Value-added services are managed and monitored through a specific module in the warehouse management system and can be reported in real-time.

Extensive Return Management Applications

Return management, provided by the Warehouse Management Service Unit, is included in the reverse logistics service structure. Return management handles acceptance of goods, handling and sorting, quality control of returns to Ekol’s warehouses, returning acceptable products to the inventory, and properly disposing of faulty goods.

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