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Ekol Awaits Female Truck Drivers

Having adopted gender equality as a corporate goal, Ekol Logistics offers women aspiring to become truck drivers employment opportunities. Ekol currently employs twice as many female employees as the world average in the logistics industry by providing numerous opportunities across the company. And the company is now expanding its fleet with female drivers.

Female truck driver candidates can send their job applications to [email protected]. Successful applicants will receive theoretical and practical training by Ekol and prepare to hit the road as part of the company’s domestic and international operations. Candidates who hold a driver’s license and can show a moderate level of relevant experience will receive priority during the selection process. The applications of women who have a driver’s license, but lack relevant experience, will be evaluated separately. 

Highlighting Ekol’s support for empowering women in all spheres of life, Ekol Human Resources General Manager, Gülçin Poyraz, emphasizes that the company continues to offer employment opportunities for women and says,

We have launched our project with the hope of contributing to a more equal world, without any distinction between female and male jobs. Our goal is to create job opportunities for all women aspiring to be drivers at Ekol and make them part of our operations. Any woman who is interested may feel free to contact us.

Female Drivers of Ekol on The Road

There are currently three female truck drivers at Ekol actively crossing domestic routes. Captain Elif Taşer, the first female truck driver of Ekol, navigates domestic roads, often frequenting Izmir. While Captain Ayşegül Güleç, the first woman to be employed together with her husband, drives in different regions of the country, Captain Merve Seçkin, whose first journey also took her to Izmir, continues to actively operate as well.