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Ekol Becomes Representative of TecDis in Turkey

Ekol Logistics has become part and the only representative in Turkey of the international network of TecDis (The European Technical Distribution Network), formed by firms capable of providing logistics services with high technology know-how.

TECDIS - The European Technical Distribution Network

Ekol Logistics has become the Turkish pillar of TecDis (The European Technical Distribution Network), which accepts only one representative from each European country. An international network in Europe formed by firms capable of providing logistic services with high technology know-how covering the entire country, TecDis brings together firms with the ability to provide the most complicated service and having technical knowledge in the area of high technology formed by valuable and sensitive materials in national and international shipments, referred to in our country as “project transport”.

TecDis was established following research made by Europe’s most important logistic firms, which revealed that there was a major need for know-how in the sector and that companies providing services in the area of “Technical Logistics” on a country basis had to conduct their operations in solidarity. “Technical logistics” includes not only the transport of technology products but all service processes from taking the product needed by the customer out of its packaging until it is made ready for use. These processes include services requiring knowledge and experience such as installing large electronic equipment in facilities, obtaining the transport permission for large-sized products, obtaining the regional permissions necessary to install the equipment in the building in which it is to be placed, taking the product out of its packaging, installing it and making it ready for use, and providing support in after-sales services.

As the Turkish pillar of TecDis, which brings together firms with technical know-how needed by many sectors such as electronics (transport of all equipment, computers, servers, printers etc.), health care (all equipment used in the sector), banking (ATM etc.), food (drinks and food machinery etc.), Ekol Logistics shows once more its experience in technical logistics. Aiming at continuous development and advanced technology for the improvement of the services it offers to its customers, Ekol has emphasized again its determination in this regard through this membership.