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Ekol Celebrates Double Championship

As a leading logistics company in Turkey and around the world, Ekol is becoming more successful in sports every day. Ekol’s basketball and volleyball teams have become champions of the Corporate Basketball League (CBL) and the Corporate Volleyball League (CVL) within the same season.

The Ekol Basketball Team has won the Corporate Basketball League for the third time, thanks to great fan support. Ekol has set a record winning three championships in the last four years.

After winning the final against Ford Otosan, 67-65, Ekol has joined the 2018-2019 CBL, which includes 60 corporate teams from top companies in Turkey and around the world. Ekol’s center player, Tunay Senin, was chosen as MVP of the match.

Ekol also won the CVL 2018-2019 championship game. The Ekol Volleyball Team won its second championship after beating the Garanti Teknoloji team in a heated match, 3-1.

Ekol Logistics Chairman, Ahmet Musul, awarded The Ekol Basketball and Volleyball Teams their cups and medals at a ceremony held at the Kasımpaşa Sports Complex after the games on Sunday, May 5.

Ekol Volleyball Team’s Serkan Akova, Hakan Erdemir, and Müge Uzer were chosen as the tournement’s MVP, Best Setter and Best Receiver, respectively.

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