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Ekol Celebrates Volunteers Day With Projects

Since it was founded, Ekol Logistics has embraced the value of logistics for a better world in every aspect of its operations. The company initiated the Ekol Volunteers project with a 6,500-strong multi-national workforce in 14 countries. Every December 5, Ekol Volunteers Day celebrates the International Volunteer Day of the United Nations.

Through the Ekol Volunteers project, Ekol employees have carried out a total of 38 projects, each addressing a different need. The activities, conducted in different languages across a wide variety regions in 14 countries, ranged from planting saplings and visits to orphanages, animal shelters, hospitals, and nursing homes to workshops for disabled people, auctions, and donations of blood and stem cells, children’s clothing and books, toys, and bottle caps for wheelchairs campaigns.

Photos and videos of the Ekol Volunteers’ projects are now on display at

Ekol Logistics Corporate Marketing and Communications Director Arzu Tan expressed the company’s desire to make its mark by adding value to the environment and society.

We have revamped our corporate social responsibility policy based on the theme of contributing to society’s future at Ekol. Accordingly, we started an initiative to celebrate Ekol Volunteers Day on December 5 by drawing inspiration from the U.N.’s International Volunteer Day. Through these efforts, we encouraged all our employees to team up with their departments, facilities, or country headquarters to carry out volunteer projects based on the needs of their country or local region. We aspired to touch every single part of the world with one Ekol spirit. We passionately maintain our efforts to create a sustainable initiative out of the ‘Ekol Volunteers’ projects, which we carried out for the first time this year. And, we are determined to keep celebrating Ekol Volunteers Day on December 5 each year,

she said.

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