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Ekol Continues Regional Growth by Expanding Its Service Network

Ekol Logistics, making a distinguished name for itself with its significant investments both in Europe and Turkey, continues to provide quality and non-stop services to broader areas by expanding its service network. Ekol has been carrying out critical works Morocco-Tunisia lines within its service network since December 2012 and now joined forces and signed an agency contract with TIMAR, a company which has been operating in Morocco and Tunisia for many years with a proven track record of quality and competency. Within the context of this contract, complete and partial shipments are being transported from Istanbul regularly twice a week.

In addition to Morocco and Tunisia, Ekol has been providing regular complete and partial transportation services from Istanbul twice a week to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Northern Iraq and many countries in the Middle East. Ekol is now offering its customers the increasing services in those lines with its developed technological infrastructure and industry experience. Ekol, having collaborated with the dominant regional agencies in the destinations where it offers partial and complete transportation services, has the chance to immediately respond to any problems that may occur.

Moreover Ekol offers to supply complete vehicles direct to Northern Iraq for the freights coming from the countries such as Italy, Belgium and Germany. Partial transit services are also provided regularly from the distribution centres located in all European destinations via Istanbul to Northern Iraq, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan and the Middle Eastern countries. Ekol, adopting high standards of customer satisfaction as a principle, expands its service network by continuing its non-stop works to offer fast and quality services to all destinations in the world.