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Ekol Continues to Climb The Fortune 500 List

Results of Fortune 500 Turkey 2018 shows that Turkey’s leading logistics provider Ekol continues to climb up the top 500 companies list in Turkey. Ekol climbed 12 places in this year’s Fortune 500 list and ranked 85th. Ekol’s net sales grew by 35 percent compared to 2017 and reached 3.3 billion Turkish lira.

Ekol had ranked 101st in 2016 and 97th in 2017 among Turkey’s most prestigious companies in the Fortune 500 list.

Ekol Chairman Ahmet Musul said Ekol has been Europe’s fastest-growing logistics company since its establishment in 1990. Musul added;

Our annual turnover for 2018 is €710 million. We aspire to earn over 20 percent of our revenue from Ekol’s foreign operations. We provide best-in-class international freight, warehousing, domestic distribution, foreign trade, customs, and supply chain management services across 15 countries. We offer integrated, interconnected and innovative logistics solutions with our distribution center with an indoor space of over 1 million square meters, unit trains that make 48 trips every week for intermodal transport, a fleet of 5,500 vehicles and cutting-edge technology. We are a time-tested company with over a quarter-century of experience and an understanding of the different logistics needs of all industries.

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