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Ekol Designs a New Project Logo in Order to Demonstrate The Proven Service Quality Its Customers Has Approved

The new project logo launched by Ekol is called as “Operated by Ekol” and ensures the quality of the service offered to all customers.

The new project logo is a commitment by Ekol for its pioneering business approach, superior service quality and for an unlimited service to all its customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.

The new logo is called as “Operated by Ekol” and designed as a hand figure made up of yellow, blue, green, red and purple colors. Ekol is planning to use the new project logo at all its service fields to describe with the help of different colors its diverse approach to the different service groups.

Ekol Logistics General Manager Umur Ozkal has explained that they will definitely use the project logo at each point where they will be in contact with their customers and said that:

We believe that our policy towards the business processes is reflected more clearly with our newly designed project logo. We are planning our logo will appear on packages, showcases, and on the shop gates of all our customers we serve within the next 5 years. This project logo is a sign of guarantee of our service quality.

Yellow color used in the logo symbolizes “human and technology”. Technology is taken inside a palm in the logo in order to communicate the fact that Ekol designs its business processes at the highest technology level.

Ekol primarily takes into account its responsibility towards the environment in all “transportation” operations and demonstrates all efforts for its own part with its environment-friendly solutions in order to leave a more livable world for the future generations. The most appropriate color to describe this service is green which symbolizes peace and the nature.

What is targeted with the “Warehousing” processes at Ekol is to provide the highest yield with the lowest possible consumption of resources. Creating such a perfect system requires no doubt a team that is committed and determined for creating the best. The “enthusiasm” and “determination” concepts are emphasized by the red color that forms the basis of the principles adopted by Ekol’s warehouse management.

Blue represents “infinity” and “freedom” on the color scale and has become synonymous with Ekol’s “Customs and Foreign Trade”. This is because, Ekol has adopted unlimited service quality in this area. Ekol provides all services other than production and sales for its customers it serves in the field of Foreign Trade and creates opportunities for them to focus on their work directly.

Purple symbolizes “reputation”. Therefore, while developing itself with the services offered to its customers in the field of “e-Commerce”, a developing sector in Turkey, Ekol adds value to its customers and plays a strategic role in ensuring the deserved reputation of e-Commerce in Turkey.