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Ekol Healthcare Sets Its Turnover Targets For 2015 At 20 Million Euros

Operating in the field of healthcare logistics since 2005, Ekol now implements a new organization in this segment. To serve with “Ekol Healthcare” corporate identity from now on, the Group set its turnover targets for year 2015 at 20 million Euros.

Never slowing down the pace of investments in Turkey and Europe, Ekol now implements a new organization to provide logistics services for the healthcare industry. Carrying out successful projects in this segment since 2005, the company now organized the “Ekol Healthcare” structure. The healthcare related operations carried out under “Ekol Healthcare” umbrella have, since early 2014, been offered under the Headquarters organization.

Having set its sights on a turnover figure of 20 Million Euros in year 2015, Ekol Healthcare will execute important projects thanks to its vision and corporate identity.

In the last 5 years, Ekol invested more than 10 Million Euros in healthcare logistics, an area where its targets grow in parallel to its extensive experience. The company plans to invest 5 Million Euros in 2015 as well.

3 distinct projects will be implemented as part of the targets set for year 2015, under the brand Ekol Healthcare. The first one of these will be the management of the product delivery process from the operations in the production area, to the final points of sale, for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies of the world. Furthermore, in the first quarter of 2015, Ekol Healthcare will also assume the operations for one of the largest pharmaceutical warehouses of Turkey; the first half of the year will see the initiation of the operations abroad as well.

Ekol’s General Manager for the Healthcare Sector, Hakan Şen said

The following with respect to Ekol Healthcare: At Ekol, we singlehandedly provide 35 percent of all pharmaceutical logistics services in Turkey, therefore 35 of every 100 pillbox is handled by Ekol. As the logistics company with the largest investment in pharmaceutical logistics, we will reach for our objectives through the new vision gained with Ekol Healthcare, reinforcing our focus in the sector.