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Ekol Hungary Hosts Students

Ekol Logistics, which has supported education and training from the very first day of its foundation, has been collaborating with İstanbul Harmandere Vocational and Technical High School since 2013 with the objective of training qualified personnel for the industry. Supported by Ekol, logistics students visited the Hungarian capital of Budapest between May 29 and June 1 for both educational and cultural purposes.

Three top students, selected for their internship and school grades, had the chance to observe logistics flow, warehousing practices, and fleet monitoring procedures practiced in European countries at the Budapest Facility of Ekol Hungary. Students took a sightseeing tour of Budapest and tasted local dishes as well as visiting the facility over the course of four informative and enjoyable days.

Ekol Logistics aims to make Harmandere Vocational and Technical High School the most influential vocational high school of the logistics industry. With this project it also participated in the TÜSİAD SÜR 2016 conference, which brings together the movers and shakers of sustainability. Eda Gülaçtı, Harmandere Vocational and Technical High School Ekol Class Project Coordinator, and Kübra Ballıkaya, an Ekol class student, delivered a speech titled “The Most Precious Investment” and shared their experiences with the conference audience on June 2.