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Ekol Increases Its Fleet In Europe With 150 New Mercedes Trucks

Ekol Logistics, one of the leading 3 PL companies in Europe, is finalizing the acquisition of 150 new Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks in 2016. This transaction, rounded up at 12 million EUR, is part of the Ekol’s strategy to increase its footprint outside Turkey by growing the business of its subsidiaries in Europe and continuously increasing the fleet working on the continent.

Ekol specializes in intermodal solutions and as the owner of 5 Ro-Ro vessels and the operator of 40 block trains per week, the company wants to use its environment-friendly services to strengthen its presence in Europe. In order to be able to offer these services, the company owns 5 500 eco-friendly transport means.

Ekol wants to support the 12 European Ekol companies by making new investments in line with the needs of the industry and customers to ensure a competitive advantage in terms of service quality. The business philosophy is focused on offering the highest standards to its international customers, in which quality and reliability of the fleet play an important part.

Making sure that its fleet is reliable and environment friendly, Ekol has purchased Mercedes Benz Actros 1842 LsnRL Euro VI Lowliner models with the latest generation OM 471 diesel engines.

The Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks are fuel-efficient and reliable. They are our No. 1 choice in terms of as eco-friendliness and performance. Cost benefits are characteristic core values of the green logistics that Ekol has championed for many years now.

stated Ahmet Musul, Chairman of Ekol Group.

The purchase has been made by the Romanian subsidiary of Ekol. With the new 150 trucks acquired, Ekol Romania is enlarging its fleet to the total number of 227 Romanian plated trucks. The fleet is intended to support transport operations in Romania and Europe in door-to-door deliveries for Ekol’s customers and also to sustain Ekol’s integrated European network, especially in countries like Germany, France, the Benelux and Eastern Europe.

Ekol has a wide intermodal infrastructure across Europe, especially with railway connections, so the necessity of ensuring the “final mile” using our trucks is one of our key factors of success. Extending our own fleet is a proof of our customer orientation and that we are constantly attempting to offer more flexible solutions and a higher quality of services. Moreover, we are happy that Romania plays a strategic role in the Group’s development in Europe, both in terms of fleet coordination and the management of regional logistics projects. Therefore by working closely with other Ekol subsidiaries, we can obtain maximum efficiency of the transportation process.

said Alecsandru Mucenic, General Manager Ekol Romania.

As all the new 150 trucks already have the necessary documents and licenses to run, Ekol Romania is looking to hire new drivers that will work in the EU community, supporting the wide network of the Group. Human resources and transport means are essential assets for Ekol when it comes to reputation, customer satisfaction, service quality and reliability. In that respect, all existing and new drivers will be given a professional training by Mercedez Benz staff, for the proficient use of the new Actros 1842 model.

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