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Ekol Logistics Awards The Successful Suppliers

Ending the year 2010 with growth pursuant to its targets, Ekol Logistics awarded 9 of its suppliers, who had contribution in the success, within the scope of certain criteria. Turna Uluslararası Nakliyat displayed the highest performance in the award organization aiming to increase the service quality.

Ekol Logistics has increased its service quality in the year 2010 with three new warehousing-distribution centers and 250-vehicle fleet investments and awarded 9 of its suppliers, who had contribution in both national and international success, with honor plaques.

Awarding the improvement of logistics processes and the performance close to excellence, Ekol Logistics organized an evening at Ataşehir Develi Restaurant and presented the plaques to the supplier companies receiving the highest score according to the criteria determined. Turna Uluslararası Nakliyat received the highest score with 98 percent success rate and received their plaque from Ekol Logistics General Manager Umur Özkal.

Transsan Taşımacılık, FEY SPED Uluslararası Taşımacılık, Lider Dündar İnşaat Nakliye, Özçelik Transport İthalat İhracat, Gürcan Trans Uluslararası Nakliyat, İntegral Lojistik, Nalçacılar Nakliyat and SES Lojistik companies are also awarded by Ekol Logistics due to their success rate of 96 percent.

Ekol Logistics General Manager Umur Özkal has stated that they will always try to achieve better by continuing to increase the service quality and expressed his gratitude to all suppliers and employees having a role in this success. Özkal also stated that Ekol Logistics family will continue to work for the success of Turkey with the target of being one of the most important logistics centers of the world.

Ekol Logistics has evaluated the performance of the logistics suppliers according to the criteria including compliance with the customs arrival and delivery times, price evaluation, delivery document conveyance performance, accident/breakdown/damage notification, service quality, flexibility, accessibility, return-back speed, business volume and fleet structure.