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Ekol Logistics is The First Company Implementing WWF Green Office Practices in Turkey

Ekol Logistics has been the first participant from Turkey to the Green Office Program, implemented by WWF in order to support the works of the companies within the scope of their responsibilities to the nature and to minimize the damage caused to the nature.

While the population of the world increases, our natural resources are exhausted with the same pace and the concepts such as environmental pollution, global warming and climate changes etc. are on top of the list causing concern in the entire society. In order to change this pessimist image and the scenarios written related to the end of the world, WWF carries out various studies to ensure that our society performs its dues for minimizing the damage caused to the nature. One of them is the Green Office Program implemented in more than 200 offices in 80 countries. Ekol Logistics has been the first participant from Turkey to this program aiming to minimize the damage caused to the nature by the companies during their processes.

Preserving the natural resources that are insufficient for the increasing population and fighting against the global warning and climate change have been taken out from the definition of “social responsibility” and become an essential mission for Ekol Logistics. Within the scope of WWF Green Office Program considered as an effective method to minimize the environmental impacts arising from its activities and to instill a nature-friendly life, Ekol aims to reach the targets determined for the end-of-year by performing savings in Waste Management, Electricity and Paper Consumption fields and to receive Green Office Diploma.

For more detailed information on WWF Green Office Program, please visit the website of WWF Turkey.