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Ekol Logistics Green Office Gets Its Diploma

Ekol, one of the leading logistics companies in Europe and Turkey, is awarded Green Office Diploma by WWF – Turkey (World Wildlife Fund for Nature) as a result of the recent evaluations.

Ekol Logistics, drawing attention for its awareness on nature, is awarded Green Office Diploma by WWF – Turkey (World Wildlife Fund for Nature), breaking again a new ground in the industry. Ekol has achieved to reduce its impact on the nature from its various practices in waste management and office operations to the lowest level as well as to make savings on its electricity and water costs within the framework of its program. Ekol joined in the WWF Green Office Program near the end of 2010 and is privileged to be the first Turkish brand participating in the program.

WWF Yeşil Ofis Programı

Ekol was evaluated against the criteria under three main categories, namely “Consumption of Natural Resources“, “Functions” and “Raising Employee Awareness” before qualifying for the Green Office Diploma. Within this framework, Ekol was evaluated on the subjects including heating / cooling, electricity consumption, transportation, water consumption, paper consumption, office supplies, food consumption, purchasing, cafeteria, cleaning services, waste management and building maintenance.

Ekol plans and implements improvements with respect to the savings on Waste Management, Electricity Consumption and Paper Consumption within the framework of the program. The activities in this respect focus on improving the awareness of employees. The Green Office program, a savings and improvement program for offices, comes into prominence as a part of the strategic approach of the WWF to reduce human pressure and ecological footprint on natural resources, The Green Office program provides the participating companies with the opportunity to evaluate their office resources systematically, identify their savings criteria and develop their own environmental management systems in their offices.