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Ekol Makes Further Steps In Development In Hungary!

Ekol realizes the strategy of developing the company and has the widest European logistics network supported by the largest exclusively owned fleet.

Ekol Hungary has just moved to a new warehouse that has 10,000 m2 of capacity. The location of this distribution center is key as it is only 4 km from the city center of Budapest but at the same time only 400 meters from a container terminal and 200 meters from a customs office.

“From this building Ekol has the possibility to organize transport via road, rail and river but at the same time we are still close to the city center. This new distribution center is able to offer trimodal solutions and because Ekol is very strong in intermodal we believe this location is very beneficial not only for us but for our customers as well.” – said Ákos Kovács, Country Manager of Ekol Hungary.

The new warehouse is designed not only for cross dock services, but it has an area for comprehensive logistics services as well. It has a special rack system for heavy pallets. The company can offer VAS there as well. Customers can use bonded and customs warehouse.

“This new warehouse means that we really can offer comprehensive logistics services for Hungarian customers. When we take into consideration that Ekol has its own software that is created by in-house R&D team, we believe we can give customers a valuable competitive advantage.” – said Ákos Kovács.

Ekol has been in Hungary for 2 years, it employs more than 200 people, and has over 100 own vehicles.

“We still see chances to grow our business. We plan to keep developing as we did last years. Next steps will be to learn more from our parent company about the logistics services for pharmaceutical industry and to establish logistics solutions for this sector in Hungary.” – said Ákos Kovács.

Ekol keeps growing not only in Hungary but in other countries as well. The parent company of Ekol is in Turkey, where the company is the market leader. In Europe Ekol is now in 10 countries. It is worth mentioning that in the last 4 years the company entered 9 European countries.

“In the foreseeable future Ekol will open companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Iran” – said Wojciech Brzuska, General Manager Ekol Europe and Executive Board Member.

Apart from this expansion in the next few months the company will open more branches in order to build a wider network. More offices in the territory of Spain, Poland, Romania are planned soon.