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Ekol Opens a New Block Train Service Between Hungary and Germany

Ekol Logistics executes the strategy to develop more intermodal connections in Europe. In line with this objective Ekol opens a new block train service between Budapest, Hungary, and Cologne, Germany.

We are very happy to open this new dedicated train as thanks to it we can connect CEE with Germany, Benelux, France and the UK. It is worth stressing it is the first company train in Hungary operated by a 3 PL company. So far only public trains have been used in this connection.

said Ákos Kovács, Country Manager, Ekol Hungary.

The train will leave Budapest three times per week with departures every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 22:00 and reach Cologne at 05:00 on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The return will depart every Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 20:00 from Cologne to arrive in Budapest two days later at 03:00.

It is 1150 km between these two cities and it takes 31 hours for Ekol train to cover this distance. The strategy of Ekol is develop more and more intermodal connections in Europe so it is a small step in achieving it. Of course, apart from the execution of Ekol strategy we also give advantage to our customers thanks to this new train. Our rates in this destination are more affordable, the transit time is similar to road transport but it is also a more environment-friendly solution. On top of that, managing our own train will be a chance for our customers to have more reliability than using current existing solutions.

said Daniel Allard, Project Development Manager, Ekol.

The train will be composed of double pocket wagons, to carry 32 megatrailers or 45′ units, and 60′ container wagons which are suitable for 20′ and 30′ containers.

It is worth stressing that now Ekol has block trains connecting Trieste with Kiel, Trieste with Cologne, Trieste with Ludwigshafen, Trieste with Ostrava and Sete with Paris. The company operates 48 dedicated block trains per week.

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