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Ekol Spain is As Fast As “Speedy Gonzales”

Ekol Logistics who continues overseas investments without slowing down, added Spain to his country portfolio in 2014 to provide logistic services to Turkey and Europe from the main industrial zones. Ekol Spain has become one of the leader logistic company offering daily solutions to many countries by using intermodal transportation besides international road transportation.

Ekol İspanya

Thanks to daily groupage connection to and from Germany, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Italy and of course Turkey, Ekol is likely to become one of the top 5 companies for groupage solutions

said Juan Bautista Sales Manager of Ekol Spain.

Ekol provides most of the transport services by using its own infrastructure including fleets and vessels. Ekol Spain offers many competitive advantages such as the short transit time, one of its Ro-Ro vessel Ayshe makes Barcelona and Madrid even closer than Munich and Frankfurt. This service offers quicker service compared to double-driver road freight mode, and to perform port-to-port deliveries in 58 hours. The fact that Ekol operates all transport means makes the company very flexible, and it is exactly what the market needs. One of the most important requirements in this industry is as short delivery times as possible.

We can offer short deliveries time because our own vessel departure Spain and Turkey, in addition to that we have flexible solutions every day. For example we pick up shipments on Saturday from port in Turkey and delivery it in Spain on Wednesday to the customers in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao and Valencia, for the other areas we just need one day more. This is an enormous step forward especially in the textile industry which demands Saturday as additional production day. Beside this service, Ekol serves the Spanish market with daily departures in both directions on the “traditional” way as well

said Halil İbrahim Hafızoğlu Ekol Logistic’s Product Manager – Turkey

By providing order line management opportunity, experiences human resources structure and internal informatics services (quadro-lite) offering high standard customer services management, Ekol Spain give high-level services to the customers in strategic markets in İberia with experienced, expert and young team.

Germany is another important key market for Spain. Even very small goods which are picked up in the Ruhr Area of Germany are delivered in 2 days all over Spain. The implementation of electronic POD enables a message is sent directly to the sender of shipment within seconds after the delivery. In this case especially the chemical companies are getting the best possible solution for their customers.

Ekol Spain provides contract logistics services as well as other types of transportation services to Spanish companies from numerous industries including automotive, chemistry and textile with X-dock facilities in Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza. More investments for new branches in Spain are in the pipeline. More than 100 lines between Spain and Europe connect main industry areas help Ekol Spain customers to take advantage of the again growing Spanish economy. The forecast says that Ekol Spain will produce more than 100,000 shipments this year.

To underline its presence in Spain, Ekol took its place between June 9- 11 in the 17th International Logistics and Material Handling Exhibition SIL 2015 and introduced its services to many visitors from the material handling and logistics industry.