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Ekol Supports Earth Hour

Ekol Logistics is putting its support behind the Earth Hour movement, organized by the WWF to highlight the urgent need to address climate change.

Ekol will switch off the lights of its Istanbul headquarters (Kardelen Facilities) as well as all its facilities in 12 countries; including Germany, Italy, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Ukraine, France, Hungary, Spain, Poland, and Bulgaria; on Saturday, March 19 between 20:30 and 21:30.

Ekol Logistics always approaches its projects with an eco-friendly mindset. It will save 2160 kwh energy and reduce CO2 emissions by 1020 kg by switching off its lights in 12 countries for an hour. Ekol is making its mark on green logistics projects with its motto, Logistics for a better world. It implements an efficient, precise and eco-friendly intermodal transportation system. This enables 1,600 liters of fuel savings per vehicle for each round-trip voyage, which results in the rescuing of 230,000 trees monthly.

With its projects in numerous fields such as electricity, paper and waste management, Ekol separates scrap materials from its facilities and delivers them to recycling firms. Income generated from these activities is used to contribute to the adoption campaign of WWF Turkey.