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Ekol to Serve Flo in The Lotus Facility

Ekol, continuing to invest in contract logistics, launched its operations and started to serve FLO Mağazacılık at its Lotus Facility, Turkey’s biggest indoor area. Ekol has been the solution partner of FLO Mağazacılık for over five years and has extended its contract with the company until 2022. Ekol will operate its warehousing services at its Lotus Facility.

Lotus, the LEED-certified facility that became operational in 2018 in Gebze with an indoor area of 215,000 square meters, blazed a trail in Turkey due to its design and unique technology.

The transfer of FLO operations to Lotus brought together managers and employees at a meeting. In this meeting, Ekol Contracts Logistics Director Ayhan Türkmen stated that FLO operation teams were pretty satisfied with Lotus in terms of working conditions and said;

We will continue to provide FLO Mağazacılık with our operations, warehousing and value-added services, with our high racking systems of 50,000 pallets and mezzanine floor that has a 70,000-box capacity.

Türkmen expressed his belief that the two companies will achieve stronger collaboration in the future and said;

We have been delivering fast solutions via our in-house developed software, Quadro WMS, to FLO operations since 2014. Our commitment to improvement will continue with the operational excellence teams. Teamwork is key to sustaining this collaboration.

Türkmen stated that Ekol signed another contract with FLO regarding the e commerce operations started in 2014 and will soon become operational at its Sakura Facility, Gebze, for FLO’s e-commerce operations that involve over 100,000 boxes for 1 million pair of shoes.


According to Erdem Çalışkan, FLO Mağazacılık Executive Vice President, FLO’s main goal in logistics process management is to transfer the right amount of the right product at the right time from the warehouse. Çalışkan stated;

The stability and success of each process from warehousing to delivery of orders from stores and dealers and online orders is monitored via performance target measurements that are set on a daily basis. We sign contracts with experienced third party logistics provides after considering our service and performance targets. I’m hopeful that our cooperation will add value to both companies.

FLO Mağazacılık Director of Logistics Anıl Haşimoğlu said;

Nowadays, on-time delivery is as important as a product’s quality and price. Therefore, our aim is to create a logistics infrastructure that will meet the need of our rapidly growing volume.

Haşimoğlu added that FLO Mağazacılık Logistics Management foresaw their short-term and long term needs and chose their solution partners accordingly.

As reported by Haşimoğlu, FLO Mağazacılık and Ekol Logistics are official solution partners and they carry it into effect. Haşimoğlu congratulated EKOL and FLO teams for their performance in transferring processes to the Lotus Facility, one of Turkey’s largest, integrated contract logistics projects, and he expressed hope to achieve a fruitful collaboration.

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