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Ekol Will Be The Solution Partner Of Morhipo Which is The New Face of E-Commerce

Increasing its activities and expertise in e-commerce field; Ekol will be the solution partner of its 10 years business partner Boyner Group’s new structure.

MORHIPO is going to cherish its members with the privileged side of online shopping by bringing together hundreds of brands and thousands of product selections with designers’ signatures every day. MORHIPO is going to start its activities after the launch at İstinye Park on 21th of March on Monday and targeting to enter among the leading brands of the sector in a short time.

Ekol has created an effective system for MORHIPO that is going to give a boutique sevice in 2.200 m2 enabling the possibility of product shipment direct to final consumer. Ekol is going to work as a stock warehouse by receiving the products and realizing the quality control within a part of short time like 1,5 month.

In this way, Ekol will support MORHIPO to supply the highest level of customer satisfaction by creating its campaigns in accordance with these stocks. It is going to be performed during 24 hours in 3 shifts in a day. The operations including added value services such as packaging, adding filling material and thanking card, preparing the products to delivery, will provide the possibility to take out of store within the incoming order day. Ekol is going to take over the product return operations as well.

Umur Özkal -The General Manager of Ekol Logistics – who had made a declaration about the role of Boyner Group’s new structure said:

E-commerce is on its way to becoming one of our important business lines especially with the increasing demand. At this point, we are very happy to support Morhipo which is the new brand of our long time business partner Boyner Group.