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Ekol’s Academic Collaboration

Ekol Logistics has signed support agreement with ODTU, Bilkent University Okan University and Ege University in the areas such as graduate studies, postgraduate research, project, thesis, field trips and practical applications.

As the fastest growing Turkish logistics company in Europe, Ekol Logistics has included one more project to its support to education projects, which have been continuing since its establishment. Ekol Logistics, having signed a collaboration agreement with the leading educational institutions in Turkey, the Middle East Technical University (ODTU), Bilkent University, Okan University and Ege University, will provide support for the apprenticeship and graduate researches of the graduate students and dissertation studies of postgraduate students of the universities.

Ekol Logistics will provide opportunities in the Ekol facilities to the graduate and postgraduate students of the universities, with which it signed an agreement, for the required researches in their graduate projects and dissertation studies specified in the logistics field. Ekol Logistics will play a significant role in the students’ career plans by enabling them to witness actual operations in the field and therefore take one more positive step towards recruiting qualified personnel into the logistics sector.

Ekol Logistics CEO, Tayfun Öktem, shared his views on the subject by stating:

We are extremely happy to make a contribution to the education of our university youth who will form the future of our country. As a consequence of joint studies to be conducted, the students will have the opportunity to absorb our sector better by actually seeing on site a number of new facts which they have studied in theory.