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Ekol’s Authorised Economic Operator Certificate Is Now Officially Registered

Leading the logistics industry in Europe and Turkey, Ekol has broken new ground and qualified for the AEO certificate. Ekol was officially presented with the certificate by Minister of Customs and Trade, Mr. Hayati Yazici in a ceremony held yesterday at Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

Having become prominent in the industry with the difference it made and its pioneering role, Ekol Logistics officially acquired the AEO “Authorised Economic Operator” certificate. Ekol applied for the certificate in January 2013 to become the first company in the industry to have the AEO certificate. The certificate was presented by Minister of Customs and Trade, Mr. Hayati Yazici to Ekol Logistics, General Manager of Fleet Operations Mr. Cavit Değirmenci in a ceremony held yesterday at Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

In the speech he made in the ceremony Cavit Değirmenci said;

As Ekol Logistics, we continue with process improvement without slowing down. In this regard, we have achieved to become the first Turkish company to be eligible for the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) Certificate for which we applied in January 2013. And today, we have received the authorisation certificate from Dear Minister, Mr. Hayati Yazici. Ekol has become the only company holding this certificate in the broadest sense. Thanks to this service of ours which broke new ground in the industry, we help Turkish exporters achieve time and cost savings. We will keep on providing numerous advantages to our clients in our portfolio and Turkish economy with our entrepreneurial spirit.

With this system, Ekol has eliminated long hours spent for the customs procedures, one of the biggest problems of the exporters. Thanks to weight controls being performed by Ekol Logistics and the advantage provided by vehicles not stopping at Internal Customs Administration, exporters are now allowed to pass without wasting any time. With this new 24/7 working pattern, bureaucratic procedures are reduced and there is no need for stopping by Customs Administrations and wasting time waiting in queues. Time saved along the way speeds up the mobility of Ekol’s Ro-Ro trips. Formerly, average round trip of a vehicle to Europe used to take about 12 days and now it has dropped to 9 days after the common transit practices.

Ekol is offering great benefits to its customers due to practicality and convenience provided in the transport of freights with this certificate. Thus, Ekol makes its competitors gain pace. The Customs and Commerce Department supports and puts great emphasis on this implementation that will accelerate trade and economic development. AEO Certified shipments to Europe are made with Electronic Declaration instead of TIR Carnet. Approximately, € 57 million is projected to be saved annually by eliminating the paperwork.