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Ekol’s Blue and White Collar Workers on The Same Stage

Ekol, with its One Ekol project, took an innovative step in its communications policy. One Ekol will help all Ekol Employees feel themselves as part of a greater whole, by developing a “Shared Corporate Culture and Shared Values“, hence building an employer brand strategy in line with the corporate brand. The aim is to provide positive employee experiences for all Ekol staff, from Turkey to Poland, with a view to reinforcing their loyalty and to rendering the firm a center of attraction for new prospects.

Ekol has sites in 11 countries, and employs more than 6000 employees of all nations and languages, with various skills and experience levels. Once the supplier staff are added into the count, a huge family of 8,000 families, touching the lives of 30,000. In order to reach out to all its employees, and to make them feel the same terms and value, Ekol named “Value Ambassadors” from among its staff. Having built a communications network with its value ambassadors, on the basis of its vision to become the most preferred employer, Ekol thus will be able to set a single corporate culture and language, extending to each and every member of the organization.

The “Dialog for the Future” process, overseen by the senior management of Ekol, helped define the desired corporate identity. Ekol employees were given the “Employee Views, Loyalty, and Corporate Culture Assessment Survey“, in order to have a clearer picture of areas where there is room for development. Ekol, indeed was the first Turkish name to take part in the “Great Place to Work” survey which reviews the most successful and innovative firms worldwide. The results of the “Workplace Culture Analysis” and “Employee Confidence Index Survey” carried out in this context helped define the roadmap for the project. The project executed by the Human Resources, Corporate Communications, and Internal Communications Agency, embraces all employees with “One Ekol One Team” Spirit.