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Ekol’s Intermodal Transport Model Wins Sustainability Award

Ekol has won an award in the Carbon Management category for its industry-leading intermodal transport model at the Sustainable Business Awards 2019, organized by the Sustainability Academy.

Ekol was the only logistics company to outshine its major competitors from all industries and receive an award from the jury of academics. Ekol once again demonstrated its commitment to global efforts against climate change by winning an award for its carbon management outside of its industry.

Sharing the podium with its multinational customers with this special award, Ekol has further bolstered its reputation for corporate sustainability with the solutions it creates in line with its mission to create sustainable value.

Compared to conventional land transport, the intermodal transport model Ekol launched in 2008 leads to a monthly carbon dioxide emission reduction that is equivalent to 730 soccer fields worth of forest. This allows the company to save enough diesel fuel to travel around the world 360 times.

The Carbon Management Award is given to business models, projects and studies that are developed with holistic measurement and management approaches for reducing greenhouse gas and carbon emissions in line with slowing down and adapting to climate change.