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Ekol’s Volunteers Day Project Wins Golden Compass

One of Europe’s leading logistics providers, Ekol won the Golden Compass Award for its Volunteers Day project. Ekol Volunteers Day, which involved Ekol volunteers in 14 countries working on 40 projects, won a Golden Compass in the International Project/Campaign category at the 16th Golden Compass Awards hosted by the Turkish Public Relations Association (TUHID).

In January 2016, taking inspiration from the International Volunteer Day, celebrated every December 5, Ekol updated its corporate social responsibility policy by aligning it with the principle of positively contributing to society’s future. More than 6,500 or 70 percent of Ekol employees from 14 countries came together for the Ekol Volunteers Day. The project reached nearly 5 million people in just two months. With a particular focus on sustainability, Ekol volunteers implemented projects in Education, School and Child; Individuals in Need; Refugees and Orphans; Health; the Environment; Sports; Stray Animals and Animal Shelters.

Expressing Ekol’s pride in winning the Golden Compass, one of the most prestigious awards in the Turkish communications industry, in the first year of the Volunteer Day project, Ekol Corporate Communications Director Arzu Tan said that in addition to providing financial support, Ekol aims to raise awareness of social solidarity and volunteering among its employees around the globe.

With the belief that those whose lives we touch will in turn touch the lives of others, Tan said,

We believe that this will have a domino effect and that we can positively contribute to the lives of people and societies in countries that we operate.

Adding that Ekol is a powerful, multinational company with facilities in 15 countries, with the launch of Ekol Slovakia in early 2017, Tan continued,

We all come from different cultures and speak disparate languages. Each of these countries and regions has distinct needs, and by taking responsibility to help meet such needs, we lead by example. We aim to touch people in every corner of the world through a united Ekol spirit.

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