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Green Projects From Ekol Logictics

Ekol Logistics is going to support the sapling planting campaign of Çevkor Environmental Protection Magazine with 100 saplings and so continues to keep the green alive with its sensitivity for the environment and nature.

Ekol Logistics, one of the largest integrated logistics company in Turkey, is continuing to devise special projects in order to fulfill its responsibility against the environment. Ekol Logistics have rescued monthly 110.000 trees with its environmental project for intermodal transportation which gathers transport systems such as highway, sea lane and railway under a single roof. This time it is going to give support the sapling planting campaign of Çevkor Environmental Protection Magazine by donating 100 saplings. The saplings donated by Ekol Logistics will be under-planted with a ceremony in Alanyurt Bayrak Street in İnegöl District of Bursa on the 24thof May.

In order to raise the awareness of environmental protection, which has a very short history in Turkey, to the European level, Ekol Logistics is executing successful projects in respect of protecting trees and foresting the appropriate terrains. Especially in the service processes Ekol Logistics never throws the awareness of environmental protection. In an environment where the resources are running short rapidly, it succeeds in reducing the road distance for each trip from 7000 km to 2000 km and therefore provides 1700 liters fuel consumption per vehicle and saves 110.000 trees every month with its block-train project performed in 2008.

Tülay Gül, the South Marmara Regional Manager of Ekol Logistics, said:

As Ekol Logistics, we are glad to support the sapling planting campaign which targets to impregnate the awareness of environmental protection. We give support to events that endeavor to build a conscious public opinion in recognition of protecting trees and keeping them alive. And we believe that the sapling campaign of Çevkor Environmental Protection Magazine is also a major step in that way. In addition to these activities, we also provide fewer pollutant emissions with the applications related to the awareness of environmental protection in our service processes and thus noise pollution can be prevented, energy saving can be made and carbon footprint can be reduced widely. With our studies, we take important steps in challenging against greenhouse effect.