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Intermodal Tank Transport USA Prefers Ekol Logistics as Their Turkish Agency

As one of the leaders of the liquid transportation in the world with their 5 thousand ISO and flexi tanks and with their background of 25 years, Intermodal Tank Transport USA has reached an agreement with Ekol Logistics as their Turkish agency. Ekol Logistics has joined ITCO (The International Tank Container Organization), which only a selected amount of tank operators can become a member, in 2009 and is able to respond any volume requested within the scope of forwarding – liquid transportation services.

Stating that they are able to handle the logistics operations of chemicals, gas and food substances quickly and reliably with environment sensitivity and highest possible volumes, Ekol Logistics Forwarding Department Director Aykut Yakalı said;

We are really pleased to become the Turkish agency of world giant Intermodal Tank Transport USA. We will increase our current investments in liquid transportation. With this agreement, we will become more active in the nearby geography, particularly in Russia, Turkic Republics and Middle East. Within the scope of our structuring where Istanbul will be the center, we will enable road and railroad in addition to the sea for the liquid transportation.