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Kahve Dünyası Prefered Ekol While Opening Up To Europe!

Kahve Dünyası, one of the leaders of the coffee manufactuters in Turkey, gave the operations of customs clearance, transportation, warehousing and inventory management to Ekol, while opening up to Europe.

Turkey’s one of the most important coffee manufacturer Kahve Dünyası, is opening its first abroad store in England. Kahve Dünyası, prefered Ekol for the operations of customs clearance, transportation, warehousing, store delivery and inventory management for the new store that is going to be opened in England. Ekol generated a special project for Kahve Dünyası and this project’s operations is going to be managed by Ekol’s acengy in England; Davies Turner.

Kahve Dünyası, sees the increasing the popularity of Turkish Coffee culture in both Turkey and all over the world as a mission, and it aims to reach for other cities in Europe after its store opening in England, with the cooperation of Ekol.