Ekol Romania, a crucial component of the company’s European operations, commenced operations in 2011. Romania is an EU member country with a rapidly growing economy at a strategic geographic location. Building on these advantages, Ekol Romania is a reliable logistics partner for its customers.

Ekol Romania made its first fleet investment subsequent to its first year, and in 2013, commenced transporting goods to Germany. Today, it operates from Bucharest and Timișoara with over 350 employees and 227 of its own vehicles.

Ekol Romania

An Innovative Service Approach

Ekol Romania offers road, air, and maritime transportation as well as warehousing and domestic delivery services. It handles national deliveries within 24 to 48 hours.

Ekol Romania offers flexible tailor-made logistics solutions for a number of industries such as the automotive, manufacturing, textile, white goods, and FMCG.

Ekol Romania


CTPark Bucharest, A1, km 23 Str.
DC147, Cl. DC1 Joita,
Giurgiu, 087150
+40 372 186 700
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VGP Park Timisoara Calea
Aviatorilor nr. 4, Unit 2/A2 Ghiroda,
Timis, 307200