Since commencing operations in 2014, Ekol Spain has enjoyed being one of the leading logistics brands in the country, regularly providing solutions which improve storage services and land, sea, and air transportation.

Ekol Spain

A Journey of Rapid Growth

Ekol Spain renders contract logistics and transportation services to Spanish businesses in the automotive, textile, health, industrial, chemical, and many other industries from its cross-docking facilities in Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Lérida, Valencia, Castellón and Irún.

The company is expanding rapidly, and plans to commence operating in Girona, Tarragona, Bilbao, and Seville in the near future.


Carretera Eduard Fontsere i Riba
6-12 Pol.ind.Valldoriolf
ES-08430 La Roca del Valles
+34 935 46 5300


Calle Torres Quevedo, 30
ES-28823 Coslada, Madrid
+34 935 46 5300


Ciudad del Transporte,
Calle A, Nº 26 ES-50820
San Juan de Mozarrifar
+34 935 46 5304


Calle Luis Santángel, 2 / Avenida Castellón
P.I. Picanya
ES-46210 Picanya


Edif. Future Park,
Vial B. nº1 3º Oficina 6,
P.I. Els Frares CIM,
ES-25191 Lérida
+34 935 46 5300


Ciudad del Transporte
C/ Portugal, 76
ES-12006 Castellón
+34 935 46 5300


Avenida Europa, 9-11
Zaise I
ES-20305 Irún
+34 935 46 5300