e-Export is much Simpler Now

Customers who prefer Ekol’s e-Export service reach the end-consumer much faster with fewer procedures.  e-Export is less costlier than airline transportation and much faster than conventional road transportation.

What is this e-Export?

Ekol supports its customers with its e-Export service for micro-export shipments that include an e-Commerce Customs Declaration (ETGB), weigh less than 300 kilograms and are limited to €15,000.

The Next Key Step to Growth

The SMEs which conduct exports with traditional or general services are usually obliged to seek professional assistance from a customs consultancy company and deal with many procedures such as issuing the customs declaration with the assistance of a Customs Consultant and getting it approved by the Exporters’ Association. 

Ekol introduces a major advantage to SMEs with its e-Export service in this respect. Giving e-Export a chance may be the next key step to the growth of SMEs that assume they are not ready to expand overseas yet! e-Export procedures are much simpler.  Moreover, it is possible to get a VAT refund with micro-export (through ETGB system).

Is e-Export Service Right for You?

Ekol’s e-Export service is ideal for the sectors that trade light products at low prices. Small-scale textile companies and sectors producing accessories and spare parts can make good use of this system. 

Ekol’s e-Export service makes its customers’ products available for more markets and suppliers.

Advantages of e-Export

  • No customs consultancy (customs declaration) fee. 
  • No warehouse exit fees. (Only TRNC shipments require warehouse fees due to being dispatched from external warehouses) 
  • No notary fees since a notarized power of attorney is not necessary.
  • No need for registration at the Exporters’ Association. 
  • No need to archive hard copy declarations. 
  • Exported goods reach their buyers quickly. 
  • Enables you to request a VAT refund for shipments.
  • The general regime does not apply to micro-export transaction payments to be transferred to Turkey.

If you would like to have further details, kindly contact us via [email protected]