Ekol maintains a high standard when it comes to technology, and invests in technological infrastructure with an innovative mindset. In this way, customer needs are addressed with the most effective transportation models.


With the largest and most modern fleet in Europe, Ekol renders logistics services for partial- and full-load transportation between Europe, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries. Ekol maintains a high standard when it comes to technology, and invests in technological infrastructure with an innovative mindset.

Sea & Air

Ekol has adopted the principle of offering the optimal solution to any transportation demands of its customers. In this respect Ekol provides smart intercontinental logistics solutions, sea& air freight plays a complementary role within the framework of freight solutions. Thanks to a wide network of agencies , alliances and memberships, Ekol offers the high quality service in the scope of sea&air freight.


Railway transportation is a reliable alternative that minimizes risks associated with error, and also offers significant advantages in terms of financial and environmental costs. Ekol offers customer – oriented solution alternatives in rail transportation with project – based works.Ekol’s own block trains, and 45 foot high cube, tarpaulin, refrigerated, and mega containers capitalize on its strong railway partnerships across Europe.


Ekol operates nine weekly services between the ports of Haydarpaşa, Alsancak, Lavrio, Trieste, and Sète, using its modern Ro-Ro ships HATCHE, PAQIZE, QEZBAN, FADIQ, AYSHE, and MELEQ equipped with cutting-edge technology.


Intermodal transportation is the use of multiple modes of transportation to move freight from point A to point B without the necessity to handle the freight between modes. Ekol is one of Europe’s leading intermodal service providers. Its transportation models makes use of trucks, Ro-Ro ships, and trains.

Domestic Distribution

As a leading firm in the logistics industry, Ekol’s extensive network and fleet offer daily, domestic distribution in every country in which it operates. Ekol produces custom solutions for its customers, performing project transportations from their suppliers to production lines, and is able to meet all requirements of their customers with respect to domestic distribution.

Fair & Event

Ekol provides integrated logistics services with its customer-centric organizational structure, presenting solutions which create a competitive advantage – thanks to its fleet, technological infrastructure which allows load tracking and monitoring, superior service quality, world-wide agency network, and a team of professionals specializing in fairs and events.


For industries such as construction, electric, fuel and gas, mining, and civil engineering, Ekol transports heavy, bulky, and out-of-gauge loads on time and within budget. Ekol, with an experienced team of specialists and a reliable and strong network of partners, formulates and implements scenarios in line with the needs of its customers.