As a major player in the Domestic Distribution industry, Ekol provides customers with smart solutions which make life simpler. It manages operations with the Quadro software developed by its own IT team. The company offers smart technological solutions which simplify life with a vehicle tracking system, online information flow, and web-based reporting.

Instant Information Sharing

Ekol delivers products to the end user by scanning the bar codes on the box with PDA devices, and obtaining the name and signature of the recipient on the device. Online devices which work with GPRS connection instantly convey the information on delivery to the departure and arrival points. With this investment, Ekol has brought a different vision to the service industry with instant information sharing.

Ekol provides online access to daily, weekly, and monthly reports based on customers’ deliveries. It feeds data to customers so as to facilitate the proper tracking of sales and collection processes – also transforming Ekol to become the most loyal follower of this crucial process.

Ekol has equipped the vehicles in its fleet with GPS modules, allowing customers to monitor the geographical location of their vehicles. This makes it possible for them to foresee likely delays and take measures accordingly.

Domestic Distribution Technology