Road Freight

one of the greatest and the most modern vehicle one of the greatest and the most modern vehicle fleet of Europefleet of Europe

Fast and Effective Transportation Services With Extensive Service Networks at Every Point

Ekol maintains a high standard when it comes to technology, and invests in technological infrastructure with an innovative mindset. It offers partial- and full-load transportation services across Europe, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries.

Ekol’s effective transportation models offer customized solutions for many industries including automotive, FMCG, healthcare, e-commerce, retail and textile, manufacturing and electronics.

Transparent, High-Quality, and Reliable Services

Ekol’s services are transparent, high-quality, and reliable thanks to its extensive service network, global agency network, operational and industrial expertise, customer-oriented solutions, knowledgeable teams, order management systems, forwarding capacity, and eco-friendly modern fleet.

Our continuously improved order management systems promote efficiency in operations while providing customers with accountable, transparent, and easily-tracked services.

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