Ekol’s time-efficient solutions include small-volume or speedy vehicles, offering the advantages of air-freight.

Cost-Efficient Services for Low-Volume Freight

Ekol strives to meet the requirements and expectations of its customers with special delivery periods of time for special shipments without the necessity to rent a complete vehicle. With a capacity of approximately 4 tons per vehicle, Speedy is a rapid, cost-effective solution.

Speedy Route Information

Each Speedy vehicle serves 52 times a month, with shuttle trips of once a week. Each trip is conducted by two drivers. These vehicles are not subject to weekend or holiday restrictions as they weigh less than 7.5 tons. Ekol’s time-efficient Speedy service makes use of all appropriate routes to ensure delivery within a minimum time frame.

Vehicles have volumes of 27 and 30 m3 with a carrying capacity of 3,200 – 3,600 kg.