Sea & Air

Hava & Denizyolu Taşımacılığı

Ekol aspires to offer superlative solutions for all types of customer transportation requests. It plays a complementary role in transportation solutions such as air, sea, and railway transportation. Ekol offers superior air and sea transportation services with its extensive agency network, as well as its licenses and international memberships.

Smart Intercontinental Logistics Solutions

Ekol supports customers in international transportation with its air and sea licenses and memberships, alliances, and extensive agency network.

In addition to diverse airport-to-airport, door-to-airport, airport-to-door, and door-to-door services, Ekol renders a transit loading service as well as a cross transportation service between two countries. The company also offers air transportation-integrated storage, handling, distribution, customs clearance, palletizing, and insurance according to customer requirements.

As part of its sea solutions, Ekol provides port-to-port, port-to-door and door-to-door transport, LCL shipment consolidation, and transit loading and cross-transport services.