Air Freight

Ekol aspires to offer superlative solutions for all types of customer transportation requests. It plays a complementary role in transportation solutions such as air, sea, and railway transportation.

Ekol Offers Superlative Service At The Best Price In Air Transportation

IATA-licensed and UTIKAD-member, Ekol strives to offer customers the most superior service at the best price in 186 countries and at approximately 700 locations by drawing strength from a global agency network and exclusive deals with prominent airlines.

Wide Agency Network and Stationary Locations

Ekol provides direct, transit, and cross transportation services among all airports around the globe – offering ideal price alternatives with the Far East and locations in the UK for imports, and Germany and locations in the USA for exports. Ekol enhanced its superior service quality with HTFN, WCA and NAP network memberships, and reinforced its presence in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.

Operational Excellence in Air Transportation

Ekol places emphasis on operational excellence for the speed both essential and required in air transportation. With an expansive agency network and stationary locations, Ekol presents a variety of solutions to deliver the goods to all airports around the world. In addition to diverse airport-to-airport, door-to-airport, airport-to-door, and door-to-door services, Ekol renders a transit loading service as well as a cross transportation service between two countries. The company, also, offers air transportation-integrated storage, handling, distribution, customs clearance, palletizing, and insurance in line with customer requirements.

Types of Goods

Ekol air transportation solutions provide direct or charter services for the fast and safe shipping of many types of products in diverse industries with items that include general or perishable cargo, hazardous goods, textile products on hangers, heavy and out-of-gauge loads, livestock, factory goods, and bulky special goods.

Service Types

Ekol aims to expands its consolidation service network even further on new routes in air transportation solutions. Not only does it offer standard services, but also renders services with airline alternatives in accordance to the speed with which the customer requires.

Diverse and Low-Cost Alternatives in Flight Plans

Ekol offers a wide range of transportation models such as road-air and maritime-air with its stationary consolidation centers, particularly in Europe, as well as in the US and the Far East, to ship products to customers in a competitive market, while also providing cost advantages by developing alternative flight planning for customers.

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