Sea Freight

Deniz Taşımacılığı

Ekol’s Smart Intercontinental Logistics Solutions

Today, 80 percent of the world’s trade takes place through sea freight. Accordingly, Ekol offers smart inter-continental logistics solutions for many customers across the globe – thanks to its agreements with renowned ship owners, a wide network of agencies, and membership in FIATA and UTIKAD.

Door-to-Door Delivery, Customs Clearance, and Distribution Service Anywhere in the World

Ekol provides door-to-door delivery, customs clearance, and distribution service anywhere in the world with its current partnership deals and membership to HTFN and WCA global agency networks.

NVOCC-certified Ekol issues its own bills of lading and enters into freight agreements in the sea freight operations associated with the U.S., including door-to-door deliveries, without the need for a third-party licensed firm.

Ekol Offers Superior Sea Freight Services and Cost Advantages

Ekol plans out all possible combinations when shipping customers’ items. Not only does It offer FCL and LCL shipping, but also provides a perfect solution by combining intermodal options such as road-sea, sea-air, and sea-railway. In addition to port-to-port, port-to-door and door-to-door transport, Ekol consolidates LCL shipments with its sea freight solutions, and provides transit loading service and cross-transport services as part of its sea freight solutions. Ekol creates freight alternatives and ensures cost advantages through exclusive deals it makes with ship agents across the world.

Types of Goods

Ekol boasts the know-how and infrastructure to transport all types of goods in the diverse range of containers in its fleet. The wide range of goods it transports includes textile products on hangers, flammable and non-flammable chemicals, foods, and all solid, liquid, and gas materials. As part of its sea freight solutions, the company also offers heavy and out-of-gauge loads, as well as open cargo transportation and vessel chartering.

All types of services are available at Ekol: Depending on the type and specification of the goods, special containers such as open top, open side, reefer, flat rack, and platform, or hanger-containers with hangers, ISO tank and flexi-tank container transportation. Ekol, also, renders additional services to provide load or unload flexi and hanger-containers.


Hanging garments












Out of gauge


Depending on the goods specification, a container load may be regarded as an FCL (full container load) or LCL (less than container load). Ekol offers all forms of FCL and LCL container shipping in line with the specifications and volume of the goods.

Integrated Solutions in Sea Freight

With know-how, experience, and infrastructure, Ekol is able to offer integrated solutions, comprising: intermodal options, including road-sea or sea-railway depending on the destination and customer requirements.

Faster, Safer, and More Ecological

In addition to providing standard and special-type containers, Ekol handles liquid and chemical material logistics in a considerably faster, safer, and a more ecological method with the highest possible volume on Flexi and ISO-type containers in its fleet. Ekol constantly takes new steps in line with customer demands – ensuring cost and time savings through its practices.

Container Types and Flexi-Tank

  • 20′ Containers
  • 40′ Containers
  • 40′ High Cube Containers
  • 20′ Open Top Containers
  • 40′ Open Top Containers
  • 20′ Flat Rack Containers
  • 40′ Flat Rack Containers
  • 20′ Reefer Containers
  • ISO Tanks
  • Flexi Tanks
  • Other Container Types

Flexi-tank, allows box containers to be used as a tank container and saves time and money in loading and unloading. Ekol flexi-tanks have 24,000 liters of load capacity and are utilized in transporting vegetable oils, concentrated fruit juices, and non-flammable chemicals. Ekol delivers more products to customers at a lower cost as bulk cargo in a healthier environment with its flexi-tank shipments, providing an alternative to conventional drum and ISO tank container shipments. Flexi-tanks are single-use, and, thus, eliminate such costs as washing and storage.

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